Facebook Shows India without Kashmir


Durdana Bhat



Mark Zuckerberg’s graphical post that created a storm of reaction online.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Thursday triggered a storm of reaction on his official FB account by sharing a graphical post depicting India’s map without Kashmir.

Highlighting the achievements of its Internet.org platform, Zukerberg posted an info-graphic with maps of 11 nations including India. However, after noticing the map without Kashmir, a floodgate of comments ensued.

“Great Job. Please correct the Indian MAP on this Picture, Kashmir is Missing,” one FB account holder wrote.

But not everyone castigated the young CEO for his ‘goofed’ post. “Let the Kashmiris decide who they want to be part of, rather than barging in and taking control, you idiots,” wrote one FB user, Shahzeb Hasnain.

However, mainly the negatives comments were put on the Zuckerberg’s post.

The post, when last checked had already registered 40448 Likes, 3446 Comments and 2273 Shares.

Amid mounting reaction on the post, one Vaibhav Patil, an Indian, was assertive enough to admit: “That’s not wrong map of India!”

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