Rashid Donates Nameplates to ‘Nameless’ Ministries, Officials



In a surprising move, independent MLA Engineer Rashid Thursday installed the missing nameplates outside different offices of bureaucrats and cabinet ministries in Civil secretariat at Srinagar.

Pertinently, the ministries included Finance, Health, Education and others.

Independent Legislator Er Rashid installing 'Name Plate' outside J&K Finance Minister's Office in Civil Secretariat in Srinagar on Thursday. (Photo Courtesy: Facebook)
Independent Legislator Er Rashid installing ‘Name Plate’ outside J&K Finance Minister’s Office in Civil Secretariat in Srinagar on Thursday. (Photo Courtesy: Facebook)

“Despite offices opening in Srinagar more than 10 days ago, it was astounding to note that nameplates were not installed outside majority of offices of bureaucrats and ministers on account of which common masses were facing lot of problems,” a party statement said. Rashid heads Awami Itehad Party.

“Today in the afternoon, Rashid soon after entering the Civil Secretariat had with him the nameplates of officials and ministries that were missing. As a matter of fact, civil secretariat had a lot of common masses at that time that witnessed the scene. Er Rashid got these nameplates and installed them outside offices of Finance Minister Dr Haseeb A Drabu, Education Minister Naeem Akhtar, Health Minister Lal Singh and Rural Affairs Abdul Haq Khan and Commissioner Secretaries,” the statement said.

While installing the nameplates, Rashid stated, “The aim of installing nameplates is to wake up the State Government from slumber. Ministers and officials have no idea of the miseries of common masses. They are looting the state coffer from both ends but do not consider putting their address for relief of common people.”


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