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In an effort to scrutinize the audit and inspection report submitted to the department by state’s finance department revealing therein existence of about 2300 fake employees in the department, the Director, Health Services, Kashmir while taking cognizance of the report has constituted teams at district and divisional level to look into the cases listed in the report.

In a statement here, the Director said that the teams at district level headed by concerned Chief Medical Officer’s have been asked to scrutinize/examine the documents of the employees shown as fictitious by the Finance Department (Audit an Inspection Report) and submit their findings/report to the two teams constituted at divisional level.

One of the divisional committees shall be headed by Deputy Director Health Services (Headquarter), Kashmir and the other by Deputy Director Health Services (Schemes), Kashmir, while the district committees have been directed to submit their reports to the divisional committees by or before January 19, 2013.

Subsequently, according to an official statement, the divisional committees shall examine the findings/reports enabling the department to exonerate such employees who stand appointed by the competent authorities but inadvertently shown as fictitious.

The director said that the department has already released the budget in the first week of December last year for all the employees to the concerned Drawing and Disbursing Officers for release of their salary but out of total number of 11,000 employees. He said the salary of only those employees who figure in the list submitted by the Directorate of Audit and Inspection has been kept withheld by their Drawing and Disbursing Officer’s and shall be released after the teams constituted for the purpose shall submit their findings/report.

The Director said that a meeting was also convened with the stakeholders of Health and Family Welfare Confederation/Coordination Committee who were taken on board and have been assured that the matter shall be resolved on war footing basis.


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