Fanaticism Being Tried to Define as Nationalism, Patriotism: Mirwaiz



Mirwaiz Umar Farooq
Mirwaiz Umar Farooq

All Parties Hurriyat Conference (m) Chairperson Mirwaiz Umar Farooq who continues to be under house arrest for the last 5 days said that fanatical right wing chauvinism perpetuated and promoted by the political establishment of India today is “being tried to define as Nationalism and Patriotism”.

“Anyone who disagrees with it or even simply has a difference of opinion is sweepingly labelled as an anti national. It is unfortunate that all political parties across the board in India have fallen prey to this trap and are ascribing to this regressive definition for vote bank politics. But it is heartening to see that many among the youth of India have risen up challenging this narrow-mindset and unrealistic outlook understanding that challenging the wrong policies of the government or rising against them does not qualify them to be traitors. They understand that there are many issues such as Kashmir which have to be dealt with on the basis of principles of justice which is not possible unless the whole perspective of the issue or issues is understood and there is a positive engagement and dialogue,” Mirwaiz said in a statement issued this evening. He was barred from leading congregational Friday prayers at Jamia Masjid Srinagar today.

Mirwaiz said the arrest and charge of sedition against JNUSU President Kanhaiya Kumar and Prof SAR Geelani is highly condemnable as is the witch hunt of people who support dissent, by the police and BJP goons.

Mirwaiz who was not allowed to offer Friday prayers, in his telephonic address to the Friday congregation at the historical Jamia Masjid Srinagar said, “BJP created and nourished Frankenstein of intolerance and hooliganism which is today threatening to engulf whole of India. It was first used against Kashmiri leadership to stop it from visiting places in India to engage with the Indian public opinion and inform them about the facts in the valley and the human rights situation there. However, we were physically stopped, manhandled and not allowed to speak or put forward our view point. Instead of condemning it and speaking against it at that time, silence was observed by most while some endorsed it by saying we deserved what we got. It is ironical that today when this Frankenstein has come to haunt them, they are crying hoarse.”

Expressing deep regret over the international community, especially world bodies like the UN, OIC and others’ silence and turning a blind eye towards the persistent growing culture of “repression and impunity practiced by the Indian authorities, against the civilian population of Kashmir”, Hurriyat (m) Chief said, “it is disconcerting that the murder of two budding students Danish Farooq a B Tech student and Shaista Hameed pursuing a Masters degree at the hands of Indian troops has not evoked the condemnation and censure from the international community that such acts deserve.”

“While Kashmiris have little hope of Indian print or electronic media with regard to reporting facts and acts of state terrorism perpetuated upon them, it is the duty of international media to highlight these inhuman acts, so that pressure is built upon India to stop killing innocent Kashmiris with impunity on a regular basis. Use of brute force, which results in killings and injuring of unarmed innocent people, torture at detention centres , razing down residential houses, random arrests of political activists ,House arrests of political leadership across the board , harassment of Kashmiris across India is the order of the day ,practiced as part of the state policy of suppression, on the pretext of ‘preserving the integrity’ of the ‘largest democracy ‘ in the world . It is sad that a county which prides itself in being the world’s largest democracy, all political parties across the board consider it ‘anti national’ to condemn such incidents and express outrage or to question the absolute powers bestowed upon the armed forces in Jammu and Kashmir to crush the Kashmiri voice brazenly and with impunity,” he said.

Meanwhile, Hurriyat Conference (m) spokesperson strongly condemned the house arrest of Mirwaiz and said, “it exposes the dictatorial face of the authorities, adding, such dictatorial action would in no way weaken the resolve and commitment of Kashmiri people and its leadership.”


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