Farooq’s Family solely Responsible for Slavery of Kashmiris: Hurriyat (g) Reacts to NC Patron’s Statement



Terming the Kashmir related statement of the National Conference president Dr Farooq Abdullah as his “complete ignorance”, Tehreek-e-Hurriyat (TeH) led by Syed Ali Geelani Sunday said that when the people of united India were fighting for independence from the British rule, many Indian traitors and stooges of British government were issuing “same statements and were terming the M Gandhi, Mohammad Ali Jinnah and other pro-freedom leaders as crazy and mad people”.

TeH statement said, “Kashmir is not any issue of sharing and division of land between India and Pakistan which Pakistan can’t obtain now but it is the issue of 13 million living people of which a majority population does not want to live and remain with India in any way.”

The statement further said, “the complete ignorant statement of Farooq Abdullah is understood in this perspective that his family is the sole responsible for the slavery of Kashmiris in the hands of India and his family is also responsible for all the miseries and hardships of the people of Jammu & Kashmir. They sold the sacrifices, dignity and trust of their nation for the chair and played a wicked role of Jaffar and Sadiq.”

Terming Farooq Abdullah “as a joker and irresponsible person”, Hurriyat (g) spokesperson, of which TeH is a constituent, said, “he cannot understand this reality that the situations continue to change and nothing is permanent in the world and the creator of this universe has power to make impossible into possible. The people who have got good mind and intellect and farsightedness take lessons from the fates of the powerful kingdoms of world like the Soviet Union and British rule. The people like Farooq Abdullah mathematically calculate the situations but the intellectual and rational people have very different level of thinking.”

“The way of atrocities and cruelties on which India is moving ahead has a defined result. This country not only has to set free Jammu & Kashmir but its own existence will be very difficult for it. If Farooq Abdullah would not be present in the world that time but his soul will definitely get this information that the Kashmiris have succeeded in achieving their goal likewise the other struggling nations,” the TeH statement concluded.


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