FD Refutes JKCCC Statement, Says Bills Upto Jan10 Stood Cleared In Full

KL Desk


A spokesman of the Finance Department has strongly refuted the statement of the General Secretary J&K Central Coordination Committee of Contractors published in a section of press that bills worth Rs.600 crore were still pending for want of funds at various treasuries of the valley.

The spokesman, while terming the statement as totally baseless, has said that all the bills/cheques, received  in treasuries, across the state, on account of payment to contractors’ firms and material/supplies, up to the January 9, 2013, have been cleared in full on the January 10, 2013, including in Kashmir province.

The spokesman has said that as for the total pendency of bills/cheques for contractors and suppliers, the liability is only of Rs 1.83 crore in respect of Kashmir province as of today, the January 11, 2013. “These bills/cheques have been received at the treasuries on the 10th of January. In fact, payment worth 205.14 crore has been made during the past 3 days at the treasuries of Kashmir valley under different objects of expenditure, which includes the contractors’ and suppliers’ bills,” the statement added.

The spokesman has further said that, “If the Coordination Committee of Contractors has different facts with it,  the government will be glad if it can come up with treasury-wise liabilities of contractors’ and suppliers’ bills  in Kashmir Valley as on the evening of 10.01.2013, so that these can be put in the public domain to enable the people to judge for themselves and sift fact from fiction.”

The spokesman has asked the JKCCC that being a business community, it should issue statements cautiously based on facts and should not play in the hands of vested interests.


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