‘Feudal psyche still dominating a section in NC leadership’

KL Report


Describing the National Conference “politically naïve and juvenile”, Yousuf Tarigami lead Awami Muthida Mahaz (AMM) Saturday said that “they feel extremely sorry and can understand the amount of pain and agony being experienced by National Conference following a humiliating drubbing in the recently held Lok Sabha elections.”

AMM spokesman said that the utterances made by National Conference spokesman who is a “politically naive and a juvenile in politics” surely reflect that his name has been used for taking pot shots against Yousuf Tarigami.

The spokesperson said that the language used by the NC in its official handout reflects the state of discourteousness and the level of intolerance for its opposition parties.

“It seems that feudal psyche is still dominating a section within NC leadership who consider that they have the proprietary and exclusive rights over the people of the state. These leaders are yet to comprehend that times have changed and so has the political dynamics of the state,” the spokesperson said.

“Let NC spokesman understand that records of the Parliament and state legislative assembly bears testimony to the fact that the leadership of Awami Mutahida Mahaz (AMM) has represented people in the best possible manner at a time when majority in NC leadership were not born in the political arena of Jammu and Kashmir. Let me also educate Junaid Mattu who might not have been born at that time and when majority of leaders in his party were in hibernation, when Tarigami and his party CPI (M) played a pivotal role in encouraging the political leadership to rejoin the state’s fragile political process in early 1990s,” the spokesman said.

He said that the NC leadership should also recall that if Tarigami won in 1996 with its support, then what led to his overwhelming performance in four assembly segments just after a few years in 1999 when he was contesting against NC and other candidates in South Kashmir parliament constituency.


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