Finalize SRO-43 Cases within 120 Days: Governor

KL Report


According to a government statement, in the past several days the Governor, N.N. Vohra, has approved, under SRO-43, the appointment of 29 eligible family members of government employees who died in harness.

Observing that the cases are from 1 to nearly 8 years old the Governor has directed that Secretary General Administration Department should immediately issue instructions to all the Administrative Secretaries to personally review all SRO- 43 cases pending in their departments as on 1-1-2015 and ensure that all procedural formalities, identification of vacancies etc. are settled on time bound basis to finalize every case within 120 days of the initiation.

The Raj Bhavan Spokesperson disclosed that the cases approved by the Governor include some very long pending cases where the employee had died in harness 7-8 years ago.

Observing that prolonged delays in processing such cases negate the very basis of providing compassionate appointments, the Governor has issued directions for time bound processing of cases.


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