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Advising the Bharatia Janta Party (BJP) not to ignore the message of voters in Delhi, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) patron, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed Tuesday said the Delhi elections have asserted the diversity of India and the need to respect it.

In a statement Mufti while commenting on the complete sweep of Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) said the youngest party deserves the heartiest congratulations and best wishes from every citizen of the country.

The PDP Patron said the BJP which has emerged as the most prominent force in the country in the last general elections needs to introspect and absorb the message from Delhi electorate with sublimity.

Mufti said while it was heartening to see the people belonging to different sections of the society closing their ranks to give democracy a push the BJP would do well to rein in the elements that had started feeling free to indulge in a divisive language and actions. “If there ever was a need for course correction for BJP the voters of Delhi have brought it home to them loud and clear,” he added. He said the results in Delhi are a reminder of the fact that India is a country of diverse religious and cultural strains and the people of the capital city have restated that fact in the most emphatic way.

“The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, must take lead in disciplining these elements who had started conveying a different idea about the idea of India so that the country forges ahead along its ethos of tolerance, diversity and communal harmony,” said Mufti.

He said the AAP has truly touched the right chord among the various sections of the people living in the metropolitan culture of Delhi, and in a way its resounding success indicates the real aspiration of the people who want to live life of dignity away from discord and disruption.

Mufti said it also underlines the need to improve the delivery system at the common man’s level who should feel the relief in daily life whether it is seeking a water connection, electric connection, driving license, ration without hassles and without paying bribe.


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