Fire Engulfs Darul Uloom at ‘90 Feet’ Soura



Darul Uloom on Fire in Shah Faesal Colony

A Darul Uloom was damaged in devastating fire at 90 feet Soura late Monday evening.

Unconfirmed reports said that leakage in gas cylinder caused the fire. The Darul Uloom is located at Shah Faesal colony, ’90 feet’ Soura.

No casualty was reported in the fire, however, the building housing the Darul Uloom was fully damaged.

Meanwhile, fire engulfed a “private land” just adjacent to a Social Forestry enclosure near Brane in Nishat area, reports reaching Kashmir Life said.

According to sources, Wildlife department rushed their teams to the area to douse the fire. “Wildlife officials doused the fire on time and prevented it from coming in contact with the nearby residences,” sources said.

When contacted, officials said that they were personally monitoring the situation on ground and that the fire has been extinguished.

The officials also said that it was a bush fire taking place on higher reaches and in wake of poor road connectivity, it was difficult for fire services to reach. “So we rushed there and doused the flames,” officials said. “The good news is that we didn’t let much damage to happen and contained the fire on time.”


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