Flash Floods: Four Culverts Reportedly Washed Away

KL Report


Massive rains in the upper reaches have caused massive increase in water levels in south and parts of north Kashmir and in certain areas the physical connectivity stands lost.

Reports from south Kashmir’s Kulagm belt said massive discharge in Veshu nulla has taken away the diversion at Brazloo disconnecting Qazgund from Kulgam. The main bridge has been rendered redundant and unsafe by the September floods.

Another report from south Kashmir Shopian said the diversions at Newa in periphery and Pulwama and Tahab were also washed away by the flash floods. Culverts at both the places were decimated by the September floods forcing authorities to opt for diversions. One of these two diversions was set up by the army and the then Chief Minister Omar Abdullah had driven to inaugurate it.

A report, not immediately confirmed by the officials, suggested a portion of the major bridge on Ferozpore nulla near Kunzar was washed away by the flash floods.


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