Gauging Jhelum: It Is Safely Green At All The Three Spots, So Far

KL Report


Irrigation and Flood Control officials said the gauges at three spots on Jhelum are still under control and far away from the state where a dangerous situation could be annoumced.

At 2 pm, Sangam in south Kashmir measured 13.60 ft – an increase of 0.50 ft in an hour. They said when it reaches 18 ft it becomes alarming and at 21 ft flood is declared and when it reaches 23 ft, it is a danger level.

The gauge at Ram Munishbagh, in the outskirts of Srinagar city, was 13.55 ft – an increase of 0.30 ft in an hour. Here 16 ft is the alarming level, flood is declared at 18 ft and danger level in 19 ft.

At Asham in north Kashmir, the gauge level at 1 pm was 8.66 ft – a marginal increase of 0.08 ft in an hour. Here, 13 ft means alarming situation, 14 ft flood declaration and 18 ft danger mark.


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