Flight Schedule of Haj Pilgrims of Haj 2016


Pilgrims performing Hajj. Photo courtsey - web.

The flight schedule of 13th , 14th , 15th & 16th August, 2016 is hereby published for general information. The pilgrims of Kashmir Division shall collect their travel documents two days prior to the date of departure from respective district hqrs (Deputy Commissioner’s office) during office hours while as the pilgrims of district Srinagar shall collect the travel documents two days prior to their schedule departure from Haj House Bemina from 2.30 pm onwards. The pilgrims of Jammu Division & Ladakh Region shall be provided all travel documents at the Haj House, Bemina one day prior to the schedule departure. The reporting time at Haj House shall be as under:

S.No.     Flight No.            Date of Departure           Reporting time at Haj House

1              AI-5213 (1st Flight)          13th August        5.00 am

2              AI-5215 (2nd Flight)        13th August        10.00 am

3              AI-5217 (1st Flight)          14th August        5.00 am

4              AI-5219 (2nd Flight)        14th August        10.00 am

5              AI-5221 (1st Flight)          15th August        5.00 am

6              AI-5223 (2nd Flight)        15th August        10.00 am

7              AI-5225 (1st Flight)          16th August        5.00 am

8              AI-5227 (2nd Flight)        16th August        10.00 am

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