People Saturday alleged that police have not been arresting a Sarpanch, a former government gunman presently affiliated with People’s Democratic Party, for his alleged involvement in flood relief scam in Muniwar village of South Kashmir’s Islamabad district.

The village Sarpanch – Muhammad Ashraf Wani alias Masarat Bilal son of Ghulam Nabi Wani, a former Ikhwan commander presently affiliated with Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), is in dock for “providing fraudulent list of the flood victims to the revenue department”.

The district administration had lodged a complaint with police against him for providing misleading information, but locals alleged that the tainted Sarpanch is still rooming freely and police have made no efforts to arrest him.

Pertinently, post 2014 devastating floods, a large scale bungling has come to fore in Muniwar village of this South Kashmir district with money being fraudulently released to a single beneficiary multiple times in different bank accounts.

The Sarpanch, according to locals, had provided fraudulent list of the flood victims of Muniwar village and he has himself reap benefits by indulging in such illegal activities.

“This former government gunman is a culprit and yet Police have not been arresting him despite the fact that the district administration has lodged a formal complaint against the Sarpanch Masrat Bilal. We fail to understand why police have been shielding him,” local said.

Locals informed that police have registered an FIR vide number 65/2016 under Section 420 RPC against the former government gunman and yet he has not been arrested.

“The accused Sarpanch has managed to release relief money 14 times in favour of three households of his relatives in different bank accounts. We fail to understand on what basis Police have not been touching him,” the local said.

As usual SSP Islamabad, Abdul Jabbar, did not bother to pick up the phone. (CNS)


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