Floods Washed Children’s Future, Parents Worried

KL Report


As the catastrophic floods washed away their homes and earnings of the entire life, the future of their children was also devastated by that havoc which struck Kashmir in this month’s first week.

School books, marks certificates and the satchels are all gone now with the uncertainty looming all around in the flood devastated areas of Kashmir valley.

As the flood waters have started receding in various localities of Srinagar, scores of people walked in to move towards their respective homes only to get shocked by witnessing the devastation all around. The valuables, expensive entities and particularly the school books of their children were covered by mud and slush. People from almost all the flood hit areas of Kashmir valley have in unison expressed their helplessness before nature’s fury, saying their everything has been destroyed. The children were seen staring at their school books soaked in mud, leaving a dreadful mark on their minds about the recent catastrophic floods.

“All books and notebooks of my children are destroyed and whatever they had studied throughout the year has been destroyed and devastated. It was no less than a doomsday for us,” said Showkat Ahmad, a resident of HMT.

He stated further that the assignments of his two children have completely been washed away by the floods and his greater concern now is how to make his kids appear in the examinations. “I have no words to explain how much pain is being felt by we people while seeing the books of my children in shambles,” he added.

Scores of other parents have worries similar to that of Showkat. They told KNS that the future of their children now seems to be in dark as all the hard work they had done in the past has been devastated.

Many parents contacted KNS telling their part of stories. Abdul Rashid Wani, a parent said that uniform and books of his children were washed away by the flood waters at Mehjoor Nagar. Similarly parents from various places of Srinagar and other flood affected areas of the Valley reported that the devastating floods have not only caused huge damages to their houses but has washed away all the books, notes, uniforms and other materials pertaining to the education of their children.


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