For Power, NC and PDP Can Go to Any Extent, says Qasim

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Government under an “occupation” is always “illegitimate” and therefore it is hardly of any consequence to the Pro freedom leadership whether PDP ties the knot with Congress or BJP, a statement quoting MDM incarcerated chief Dr Muhammad Qasim said on Monday.

The statement said, “in J&K, National conference and PDP are mere tools at the hands of Indian Occupational Masters. Both NC and PDP work   to implement the interests and plans of India. Therefore it should not be a surprise if these two parties chose Congress or BJP as their coalition partner.”

“As it would be a naiveté to differentiate between NC and PDP on the basis of their ultimate goal similarly it would be a mockery to see a difference between Congress and BJP when it comes to their objectives on Kashmir,” he maintained.

“The tragedy for NC and PDP is that, despite swearing their throats dry of being secular and Pro India the Hindus in Jammu have out rightly rejected them and cut them to their size. Now given the Muslim majority of Jammu and Kashmir, it is a compulsion for the Delhi to take one of these parties along and these two parties just to be in power re ready to sell the honor of Muslims,” he said.

“NC, without Doubt, is responsible for the  Indian  Occupation, but at a time when this party had lost it credibility and relevance on the landscape of Jammu and Kashmir , Indian  agencies used  their well know pawns—Muzzafar Hussain Baigh and Ghulam Hassan Mir to  create PDP Under Mufti Sayeed, who had outlived his political life in India,” he said.

“With the creation of PDP, Indian agencies made sure that no government in Jammu and Kashmir can come into power without the support of Congress or BJP and thus the Indian objectives in Kashmir can be fulfilled with more zest,” he said.

The statement said that 40 years ago, Mufti with his political master Ghulam Muhammad Sadiq had strengthened Congress  in Jammu and Kashmir  and now if Mufti tries to provide foot holds to BJP it should  not surprise  us at all. “NC and PDP both can go to any extent and sell the Kashmiri nation just to be in power.”

“Muslims in Kashmir should not feel frightened or dejected if PDP or NC helps BJP to come into power in Jammu and Kashmir. Instead this should strengthen their resolve towards the movement for freedom in Kashmir. This should galvanize the pro freedom leadership and the people into unison against the Indian occupation. BJP, Congress, PDP or NC whosoever comes into power they can never crush the pro freedom sentiments of the Kashmiri Nation,” the statement said.

“The Pro Freedom leadership and the Muslims of J& K should understand that when it comes to Kashmir, Congress and BJP are always on the same page. These Indian main stream parties have always stood united against the aspirations of the Kashmiri masses,” Qasim said. “Congress is responsible for the illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir, the abrogation of the so called Internal Autonomy, Breaking down Pakistan and The pitiable condition of 22 Crore Muslims in India. Babri Masjid was brought down by the right wing Hindu extremists of BJP under the patronage of Congress government,” he added.

“BJP wants to see India as a ‘Vishwa GURU’ and wants to convert the Muslims of India, ideologically and culturally, to Hindus. To achieve this objective, on one hand they are using pressure and luring tactics and on the other hand saffronization of the educational curriculum is being done to attract Muslim youth towards Hinduism.  Therefore the occupational objective that Congress tried to obtain silently under the garb of Secularism, the same agenda is being pursued by BJP but in a more aggressive manner under the banner of Hindutva. Empirically it can be said that both the parties are on unison on the objectives regarding Kashmir and only differ in modus operandi,” the statement said.


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