‘Prudence, Patience’ Needed Not ‘Intolerance and Frenzy’, says Hurriyat’s Prof Bhat

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Hurriyat Conference led by peacenik Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Monday held a seminar at its Rajbagh headquarters on the completion of 66 years since the UN adopted the resolutions of Kashmir on January 5, 1949, granting the Kashmiris right to self determine their political future, a Hurriyat said. The seminar titled “Right to self determination and United Nations Resolutions” was addressed by many Hurriyat leaders besides Mirwaiz Umar Farooq.

Mirwaiz in his address to the gathering said, “UN resolutions on Kashmir provide a legal basis to the Kashmir dispute.” Being a historical stake holder to the dispute, Mirwaiz asserted that it was the moral responsibility of UN and international community to take serious steps to solve the lingering Kashmir issue in the light of pending UN resolutions, the statement quoting Mirwaiz as having said.

Terming the third party intervention to solve Kashmir as “significant and much needed”, he said that the bilateral talks between India and Pakistan to solve Kashmir issue have always ended in deadlock.  “Hence,” he said in such a scenario, “third party intervention becomes inevitable and it was important that the world body like UN should intervene and use its offices to solve the dispute.”

“The solution of Kashmir dispute is not important for India and Pakistan only, but security and stability of entire South Asia is attached to this issue,” he said.

He said that by overlooking the sensitivity and significance of Kashmir issue, oldest conflict on the planet in modern times, one can’t even dream of secure and stable south Asia.  He said if the Kashmir issue has not been solved so far, more than people and leadership, the blame lies on the failure of international community and UN to address this issue.

“From past 66 years, UN has failed to implement its resolutions on Kashmir to solve the issue for once and all. Repeated escalation of violence on the borders between India and Pakistan was not only leading to death of people across the border and mass migrations, but the situation was so explosive that it could take an ugly turn on slightest provocation from any side,” he said.

Mirwaiz said that Indian leadership was highly mistaken, if it thinks political aspirations and emotions of Kashmiris could be suppressed by military build-up and wanton repression, the statement said.

“Freedom struggle was etched in the hearts and minds of Kashmiris, adding, by using force and suppression, popular movements can’t be suppressed,” he said.

Throwing light on the changing political dynamics of Kashmir, Mirwaiz said that Hurriyat conference was minutely reading the situation.

“Hurriyat conference including all its constituents and leaders along with the leadership of all the three regions especially AJK is working towards formulating a strategy to defeat the hegemonistic mindset aimed to divide Kashmir on regional and communal lines,” Mirwaiz said.

He said that Kashmir dispute was a political issue, but unfortunately some people were trying hard to polarize the state by sowing the seeds of discord on the basis of religion, culture, ethnicity and region.

He said the despite nefarious designs being hatched against Kashmiris, such thinking would not change the political and historical status of Kashmir as a disputed nation. “Hurriyat is not against development and progress, but it should not be construed that Kashmiris have given up their right to self determination in lieu of financial benefits,” Mirwaiz reiterated.

Terming the ‘strategies and planning’ inevitable for the protection and progress of struggle towards its logical end, Professor Abdul Gani Bhat, according to the statement, told the gathering that the politics demands ‘prudence and patience’, not ‘intolerance and frenzy’.

He said an effective strategy was needed to solve Kashmir issue in view of the changing scenario of the global politics, the statement added.


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