INL Threatens to Erect Memorial of Afzal Guru

KL Report


In reaction to the Hindu outfit’s efforts to install the statues of the assassin of Gandhi, a Muslim party ‘Indian National League’ has pasted the posters of alleged Parliament convict Muhammad Afzal Guru in different parts of South India and has even threatened that it will erect the memorials of Guru if Hindu zealots will erect the statues of Nathu Ram Godse.

Delhi based media Monday reported that the ‘Indian National League’ has threatened to erect memorials of hanged Parliament attack-convict Muhammad Afzal Guru. Reports said that posters of Afzal Guru have also already been put up in some parts of Chennai.

 The Indian National League said that it will put up Afzal Guru Memorials across the country if the Centre allows the Hindu Maha Sabha to put up statues of Nathuram Godse, the man who killed Gandhi. (CNS)


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