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To effectively promote floriculture for commercial tourism activities, the Government has hired floriculture specialist from Holland, John Neele. The expert visited Tulip Garden at Cheshmashahi here to suggest measures for improving the aesthetic look of the garden.

Neele said the Tulip Garden is an attention-grabber for every tourist who visits Kashmir. He provided key tips to the officials of the Floriculture Department regarding maintenance of the flower beds in dry weather conditions.

For bulb cultivation in Kashmir, Neele said he has suggested for exploring option of producing tulip bulbs in the valley to save import cost as well as time. He appreciated the Department of Floriculture for maintaining the Tulip Garden with dedication.

On the occasion, the Director Floriculture said Holland is globally renowned for its tulips and is the major exporter of tulip bulbs. He said every year J&K has to import bulbs from Holland. “We want to produce tulip bulbs in Kashmir to save cost and time,” he said and added that the Department has hired the services of Neele for technical guidance to produce tulip bulbs in the valley on scientific lines. “In future the Department will distribute these bulbs to the floriculturists for tulip cultivation across the valley on commercial lines,” he added.

It was said that Neele will visit Kashmir every year to give expert suggestions for vast flowering in the tulip garden for its full bloom and floral charm.

The government, however, has neither offered any idea of how the expert’s selection was made and how much would it cost the public exchequer.


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