I am sure we will free ourselves of subjugation provided we are united, unanimous and determined: Geelani

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Octogenarian Hurriyat Patriarch Syed ALi Geelani
Octogenarian Hurriyat Patriarch Syed Ali Geelani

All Parties Hurriyat Conference Monday strongly condemned the government for foiling the joint resistance program “Lalchowk March” and not allowing its chairman Syed Ali Geelani to March towards Lalchowk.

In a statement issued here, the spokesperson Hurriyat Conference (g) said, “Geelani Sahab today at 11:30 tried to proceed to Lalchowk Srinagar, but the large contingent of police and para-military forces, already cordoned off the whole area, locked the main gate and any movement in the street leading to Geelani Sahab’s residence were prevented. Although the door was banged for quite some time but the policemen were unmoved and pleaded that higher authorities have issued orders not to allow Geelani Sahab out of his residence.”

Quoting Geelani the statement said that we had planned a peaceful protest in Lal Chowk, to meet and interact with people after a long period, but as always, police using its might and authority, didn’t allow us to proceed which testifies our observation that this is a police state run by “fascist mindset” sitting in Delhi through their local pawns.

“Kashmiris as a nation and particularly pro-freedom people have yet to see any ‘trace of democracy’, India is proud of.”

Referring to the PM Modi’s statement that “terrorism should be wiped away from everywhere”, Geelani said that we too want and wish that terrorism in any form, anywhere should be uprooted and curbed. “But we are facing the worst kind of state-terrorism from Indian armed forces supported and encouraged by its all weather puppets, for the last 70 years leading to numberless graveyards, harvesting lakhs of humans, disappearing more than 10,000 people and plenty of unnamed graves.”

He said, “The worshipers of ‘Sita’ have molested and gang-raped our women folk. Numberless orphans, widows and half-widows are forced to live as parasites at the mercy of others.”

The octogenarian leader said before lecturing on terrorism, “Indian rulers should introspect themselves that how their 7 lakh trigger happy armed forces crush and silence every voice for justice.”

He said that Indian democracy is so delicate and fragile that it can’t afford to allow an aged person to perform his political and social activities. Sooner or later India has to leave this place and sooner it does so, better it will be for his poor population who continue to become cannon fodder just to satisfy the ego and might of their rulers.

Geelani said, “Those parroting normalcy shamelessly continue to play with the innocent lives and caging the pro-freedom voices. Even the leadership is either arrested or put under house arrest and not allowed to interact with each other, but these mischievous acts of oppression can not deter us and we as a nation have pledged never to legitimize India’s undemocratic, unconstitutional, unethical, unnatural, inhuman and forced occupation and we will fight till our last breath. I believe and I am confident and dead sure that we will free ourselves of this subjugation provided we are united, unanimous and determined.”


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