Forces Had to Face Kangris During Crackdown in Shopian

KL Report


Forces on Wednesday had to face Kangris (Kashmiri fire pots) from common people during a crackdown and they had to flee the area firing in air after hundreds of people protested against what they called unnecessary cordon and search operation in a Shopian village.

Sources said that 62 RR and SOG cordoned the Harman village of Shopian district late last night and the search operation was re-started early today.

“As the locals were assembled at one place, forces started beating Arshad Ahmad Wagy son of Mohammad Ahsan Wagay, a local barber,” they said.

On seeing Wagay beaten ruthlessly, people stood and started shouting slogans against the “highhandedness” of forces personnel. They even chased the forces personnel with Kangris.

“While fleeing from the area forces personnel fired few shots in air to disperse the chasing mob,” sources said however police claimed that nothing untoward happened in Harman since last evening.

“The search operation was conducted smoothly and there was no protest at all,” DSP headquarter, Shopian Zahore Ahmad told Kashmir Life adding “There was nothing like firing in the air.”


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