Forces targeting people like enemies: Mehbooba

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Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) president Mehbooba Mufti has said the Gool carnage and incidents like that present a moral challenge to government of India and the people of the country. According to statement interacting with a large number of mourners and the families of the victims in Gool on Monday, she said the government forces are treating people of Jammu & Kashmir as enemies and training their guns on them as they would target the enemy soldiers in a war.

Mehbooba visited the families of those killed in the firing by BSF in Gool last week. She was accompanied by Deputy Speaker of the state legislative Assembly Mohammad Sartaj Madni and Peerzada Mansoor Hussain, MLA Shangus.

Mehbooba said it is unimaginable that any security force that is deployed primarily for the safety of people could act so atrociously and gun down innocent and unarmed civilians as was done in Gool.

“It seems the people of the state have been deprived of all fundamental rights including right to life, right to expression and even the right to protest,” Mehbooba said.

Describing the state government as a “costly liability” Mehbooba said it could not run away from its responsibility to govern and ensure safety of the people by creating a ridiculous line of distinction between it self and the security forces or police.

“Just issuing statements of condemnation and not being able to act against the perpetrators has resulted in complete collapse of law and order in the state,” said Mehbooba.

Demanding an inquiry into the act of sacrilege which led to the trouble Mehbooba said it should be investigated along with the cold blooded murder of four peaceful citizens. She said by all accounts given by the people of the area the BSF had entered a religious institution at dead of the night which is completely illegal and uncivilized. She said the violation of the sanctity of the religious institutions should not be allowed at any cost.

Mehbooba expressed strong concern at the targeting of youth in Gool and other areas of Chenab valley by police for holding protests against killings and sacrilege.“It was a cruel irony that the state government instead of taking action against those who committed the crime is now going after the mourners and peaceful protesters. This attitude of the government has already pushed hundreds of boys in Kashmir to wall and brutalized them and it seems the government is out to repeat that process in the Chenab valley also,” she said.

Referring to the standard practice of passing the buck between central and state governments over the atrocities in J&K, Mehbooba said the mock drill has no takers any more.

“NC and congress are partners in both the governments and NC MP’s are extending crucial support to UPA government. Omar Abdullah can therefore not befool the people of the state by expressing his helplessness and inability to safe guard their rights as he did in the aftermath of Afzal Guru’s hanging and Sonawari killings and now the Gool massacre,” added Mehbooba.


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