Former PDP Minister Smells ‘Conspiracy’ in Sarore Episode


Chowdhary Zulfikar Ali in Sarore
Chowdhary Zulfikar Ali in Sarore.

Smelling conspiracy in Sarore incident, senior PDP leader Chowdhary Zulfkar Ali Monday said that there is no coincidence in HP Police raid and JDA’s eviction drive and some planned conspiracy was there to target Gujjars which needs to be exposed.

Accompanied by various Gujjar leaders Ali today visited Vijaypur to express sympathy and condolence with Chowdhary Rahmat Ali whose son was shot dead in Police firing at Sarore few days ago.

Following his visit, Ali said that there is big game to target Gujjars and harass them in the name of “selective eviction” drive. “This conspiracy needed to be exposed so that nomads do not face any threat in future. He said that if HP Police had visited Sarore to arrest some culprits, what JDA and police were doing there with bulldozers.”

He said that there may be a big conspiracy behind this. “Sarore was trailer and there may be further attacks on Gujjar community who are helpless to protect themselves.”

Terming role of Police in the incident as biased, Ali said that he has gone through various videos captured by locals during eviction drive in which some “goons” were attacking elderly people and Gujjar youths and Police were only witnessing this rather stopping the goons and some senior Police Officers are clearly shown in these pictures.

He said that to expose real culprits, goons and police personals involved in the attack, there is a need of judicial inquiry and Governor Administration should order it. He added that there is no reason to hide real culprits and Governor must order judicial probe of the incident in a time bound manner. He said that they are watching the response of government and if Governor Administration did not respond he will go for a mass agitation.

Expressing surprise over response of nomad killings by the political elites of Jammu,  Ali said that even though Gujjars have religious affiliation with the people of Kashmir but they always supported the cause of Jammu and showed solidarity with the people of Jammu but this episode has hurt them.

He said that the murdered person in Sarore was not militant or anti-national and it is surprising to see total muteness of the civil society and intelligentsia of Jammu on the incident.

Reiterating his party’s stand on eviction, Ali said that his party does not support encroachments but they will never support selective eviction drive. “I visited Sarore spot where I came to know that on the both sides of land occupied by Gujjars, some influential people are having land which also belongs to government but JDA and Police selected only this spot to harass Gujjars who are putting up there since 1960.”

He said that he will not tolerate this at any cost and will take further course of action if the government does not respond.


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