Second Day of Book Fest: Satirist Zareef Enthrals Audience

Ubeer Naqushbandi


Zareef A Zareef during a Book fest.

Second day of Book cum Literary fest at Srinagar’s Sangermal saw a signature performance by a noted Kashmiri satirist-poet Zareef Ahmad Zareef, who not only enthralled the audience, but also left them thought-provoked with his poetry.

Zareef while paying tributes to noted Kashmiri scholar Wahab Khar of 19th century said: “We have rich cultural heritage and history and fests like these are going to give it boost.”

In his signature satirical style, Zareef pointed toward the “dwindling” human values in society. “As a society, our women still make discrimination between baby girl and baby boy. So, prime most responsibility to check the female infanticide lies on women.”

He also recited his poem ‘Taran Garey Taran Garey’ on the occasion and enthralled the audience.

Zareef also talked about the tumultuous nineties when “countless Kashmiri youth became casualty at the hands of people like Muma Kana and forces”.

While referring to “instability prevalent” in the society, Zareef said that the lavish feasts, immodesty, over-age and suicides are peaking in Kashmiri these days—“and no efforts are being made to check them.”



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