Fotehdar Barely Knows ABC Of Kashmir: Kamal

KL Report


Terming Congress leader Makhan Lal Fotehdar as the biggest enemy of Kashmiri people, National Conference senior leader, Dr Sheikh Mustafa Kamal Wednesday said that Fotehdar is one among those people who is camping in New Delhi to plot against the majority community of Jammu and Kashmir.

“He is the bitter foe of the Muslims of the State. From last three decades he is lobbying against the Kashmiri people and he was part of the every conspiracy under which Kashmiri people were butchered and demonized,” Kamal told CNS adding that Fotedar barely knows ABC of Kashmir.

Dr Kamal while coming down heavily on Congress leader said that this man is responsible for the death and destruction in Valley and he never wants to see National Conference on fore front. “Makhan Lal Fotedar ploted against National Conference in 1953, 1977 and 1984. He used different Indian agencies in 2008 and 2010 to cow down the people of Kashmir. This man kept NC out of power in 2002 as it was his idea to rig the election,” Kamal said.

He said Fotedar in league with other like-minded persons are camping in Delhi where from they pursue anti-Kashmiri and communal agenda. “It is sheer frustration on part of him that he is spewing venom against NC despite the fact that Autonomy is our birth right and to divert the attention from the main issue he has come with a senseless theory that Sheikh-Indira accord was the end of the journey,” he said.

Kamal said it is baseless that NC forgets Autonomy after occupying the Chair. “We have been raising the issue of Autonomy every time but it is the Central Government which is not ready to yield. Our party has always been pushing for the autonomy of the state and it will now pursue the agenda vigorously,” he said.

Kamal also hit at Army for launching ‘Operation Shiva’ for the so-called smooth conduct of Yatra. “Army is not the Government but an agency. People know that Army could go to any extent to keep the pot boiling for their petty interests,” he said adding that AFSPA has to go and Army cannot do anything.


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