Fotehdar with a hidden agenda in Srinagar: Beg

KL Report


Stating that the senior Congress leader MakhanLal Fotehdar might have a ‘hidden agenda’ in mind for his ongoing state tour, senior National conference leader and Member Parliament Dr Mehboob Beg Wednesday said that using party headquarters at Srinagar for praising PDP patron Mufti Mohammad Syed and picking loop holes in Ghulam Nabi Azad’s work gives an impression, that Fotehdar might be working on a ‘secret agenda which could be aimed at benefitting a particular party at the cost of his own party’.

“Autonomy is a constitutional document signed by the then Prime Minster and Congress stalwart Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru .It is beyond my imagination that Mr. Fotedar has reservations on this document but keeps mum on PDP’s self rule document”, Mehboob Beig questioned while talking to KNS on Wednesday. He added that praising Mufti Mohammad Syed was Fotehdar’s personal matter but picking loopholes in Union Minster and senior leader of his own party Gh. Nabi Azad’s work triggers a suspicion regarding the aim of his whole JK tour.

“Let me remind Mr. Fotehdar that by opposing the restoration of autonomy he was actually undermining the democratic institutions of the state and also negating the authority of late Prime Minster J.L Nehru”, said Baigh and added that state and centre relationship is guided by the 1952 agreement. The National Conference MP also said that between 1953 and 1975, government of India indulged in one side erosion of state’s autonomy.


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