Free Health Consultations Starting in Srinagar


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To help patients in Srinagar to get the treatment from specialists from other states at their doorsteps, an NGO Provend has started its health services in the city.

The officials of the organization said that the main aim of opening in Srinagar was to help the patients who had to travel to far off places for treatment.

“As the healthcare in the state, be it private or government run, is not measuring up to the challenge, the sick masses have to seek medical care at places like Chandigarh, Delhi, Gurgaon, Amritsar etc,” said Sanjay Suri, spokesperson of the NGO. “For a single consultation, with a super-specialist doctor, one has to travel with an attendant or two to these places. Once an appointment is fixed, a hefty sum is to be paid as consultation fee.”

Suri said that they will request the specialists to visit Srinagar and provide free consultation to the ailing masses right at their doorsteps as a humanitarian gesture.

“This would save the sick the trouble of travelling all the way out of the valley and pay hefty consultation charges,” the spokesman said. “Different super-specialists from various departments of elite hospitals from Delhi, Chandigarh, Amritsar, Gurgaon etc are being roped in for this noble cause.”

The spokesman said that the super-specialists from cardiology, orthopaedics and joint replacement, neurology, oncology etc will be coming at regular intervals to provide solace to the sick patients of the valley.

“The consultation will be provided at Diagno-Labs, opposite Main Gate, Shri Maharaja Hari Singh Hospital, Karan Nagar,” he said.

The first free consultation is starting on May 17 when Dr Ashish Jain, Orthopaedic of Delhi’s Fortis Hospital will be offering the first consultation.

“Desirous patients would be required to book their appointment on the Provend contact number: 9622917980, at least one day prior to the date of the visit of these super-specialists,” Suri said.

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