Frisal Encounter: One more civilian dies

Soldiers in action. KL Image: Muneeb ul Islam

KL News Network


Another civilian has died in the situation that followed the encounter at Frisal. He was injured closer to the encounter Sunday morning, reports said.

Reports identified the slain civilian as Mushtaq Ibrahim Yatoo, a young man of around 25 years. He is believed to be a resident of Sri Gufwara.

Hospital officials confirmed the killing but did not offer any details.

He was not in the list of the 15 person that the district hospital had made public earlier.

“It is unfortunate, I just received this information,” DIG SP Pani told Kashmir Life. “I am in the process of confirming where he received the bullet and how.”

Earlier, one civilian was killed in the encounter. He is believed to be the house owner in whose house the militants were hiding. After the encounter was over, there were widespread clashes in the belt.


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