Two Kashmiri boys caught in Pune while begging in the name of K-conflict


Zubair Sofi

KL News Network


Screen shot from the video

Kashmir Conflict is being discussed on the streets of Pune; courtesy begging. Viral on social networking sites, a 3-minute video of two boys of Central Kashmir Budgam’s Cheherihar Beeru, Rayees Ahmad Bhat s/o Abdul Rehman Bhat and Waseem Raja Khan shows how they are begging in the name of Kashmir conflict.

The duo caught by a group of Kashmiri student in Pune confessed about their action with a reason that they are doing all this for their families.” Both are pursuing their bachelor’s degree in arts and are accompanied by some Kashmiri women as well.

One among the students who caught the duo reveal in video that they grew suspicious of their activities and were watching them keenly from last two years.

Though they managed to deviate attention on one pretext or other, but finally were caught.

If videos from last few months are to be believed, such kind of activities where the pictures of slain youth or injured are being used in other parts as well to seek help and this is turning out to be huge network using Kashmir for their own vested interests.




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