From London, Farooq-Omar Duo Pray for Peace in Subcontinent

KL Report


On the eve of the New Year, Parton Jammu and Kashmir National Conference Dr Farooq Abdullah and Party Working President Omar Abdullah Wednesday prayed for peace and prosperity in the state, a party statement said.

In a statement issued here from London, Dr Farooq Abdullah and Party Working President Omar Abdullah have prayed for long lasting peace in the subcontinent particularly in Jammu and Kashmir state.

“We hope that the New Year will bring an era of peace of and prosperity in the entire subcontinent particularly in Jammu and Kashmir state so that the poor people can reap the benefits of a developmental era in the region,” the politicians said in a joint statement.

“Dr Farooq Abdullah said that the previous year was a troublesome year for the people of Kashmir as after the incessant rains, a great deluge hit the most important parts of Kashmir valley bringing miseries to a huge population,” he said and added “But, the way the courageous people of Kashmir shaking hands in hand with each other, emerged, proved that we are a conscious nation.”

He said our very own people especially the youth of the state played a great role in saving the lives of thousands of people across Kashmir and then organized community kitchens for the affected people, the examples of such brotherhood can be found nowhere in the entire world.

“In a place where the people affected by floods, themselves become the volunteers to help and save others, irrespective of their creed and cast and provide them with the shelter and food, these things are possible in Kashmir only and now here else in the world,” he said and added “People of Kashmir have faced the tough times and challenges in the past but this courageous nation emerged successfully time and again despite all odds.”


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