Rajasthan Police Detain Kashmiri Students, Plea Innocence


Asif Iqbal Naik


At least 10 students from Jammu and Kashmir were detained by Rajasthan police Thursday after violent protest broke out between the students and University security staff inside NIMS University Rajasthan situated on Delhi-Jaipur National Highway.

The clashes between the students and the university security staff took place after university authorities put restrictions inside the hostel ‘A’ and ‘B’ of Gandhi Block ahead of “New Year 2015 celebrations”.

While talking to Kashmir Life, a student from Jammu and Kashmir said that the situation took ugly turn when university guards beat a student from Bihar as a result of which his leg developed a fracture and was later hospitalized.

They said, “the news of beating of Bihari student spread like a wildfire as a result of which the students barked inside the rooms of warden and put it on fire, besides burning the moveable items and other goods kept inside the warden room.”

“Soon police contingent from nearby police station entered inside the hostel premises and started packing the students inside police gypsy.” They added that police also entered inside the hostel rooms of students of J&K and bundled them in police vehicle despite the fact that JK students pledged innocence. They said that several other students hailing from different states were also arrested.

The students further added that ‘Secretary to Chancellor’ Ms Pournima was also injured in the incident when she tried to pacify the students. They said that JK students had become easy and soft target in the country while the trouble shooters manage to escape every time.

“We demand an independent probe in midnight hooliganism incident inside the university hostel and make an appeal to state government to intervene into the matter,” the aggrieved students said.

The reports said that many students from Jammu and Kashmir have left the hostel fearing harassment on part of the police and university authorities.


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