Geelani allege Govt for providing safe passage to accused in Kathua rape, murder



Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani on Thursday alleged ruling coalition in the state for providing safe passage to those accused in Kathua rape and murder case.

In a statement Geelani blaming authorities for deliberate attempt to hush up the case by destroying evidence and building up a communal narrative around the heinous crime.

Geelani expressed his deep concern and while referring to Asiya and Nilofer rape and murder case, added that local police and stooges influenced the investigations and later case was shelved without assigning any reason.

Lashing at ruling elite, Geelani said they are trampling all norms and ethics and added that instead of preserving the evidence the police destroyed all evidence to save the skin of those involved in barbarous crime.

Syed Ali Geelani condemned the “politicization and communalization” of an eight-year-old girl’s rape and murder and alleged that vested and communal sections were politicizing and communalizing situations, thus sabotage investigations.”

“It is a well thought out ploy to save criminals and in-depth investigation will lead to more arrests and will certainly reveal the involvement of more assailants,” asserted Geelani.

“It is quite strange that instead of cooperating with investigating agencies to nab culprits, these stale minded elements are creating hurdles, saying that this indicates that those organising rally and protests in favour of criminals, too are involved and demanded fast-track court trial so that justice can be dispensed,” he said.

Commenting over the slow pace in investigations, intentions to handover case to CBI and pressure created by vested interests, Syed Ali Geelani said that it is a deliberate move to shelve the case as was observed in Asiya and Nilofer Shopian double murder and rape case.

Blaming BJP and other communal elements for hooliganism, bullying and instigating sectarian strife in the state, Geelani said that it will have dire consequences and distressing effect on dignity and honour of citizens living in the state.

Geelani stressed for impartial probe and stringent action against those involved in Kathua rape and murder case, saying,”we are closely monitoring the case proceedings and situations   and won’t allow any lacuna or any attempt to influence investigation”, People won’t act as mute spectator and will react and resent if accused are favoured with lenient view, said Geelani.


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