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Syed Ali Geelani

Seriously concerned about the “unabated” and non-stop arrests for the last five months throughout the valley, Hurriyat Conference (g) chairperson Syed Ali Geelani said that rulers as well as their bureaucracy has made themselves a laughing stock as they being so called “highly educated” still obey and follow dictation from their masters, with their eyes shut and ears plugged.

In a statement issued here, Geelani said that the “law’’ enforcing executives blindly and randomly subject the people to the sharp cleavers of PSA and other draconian laws without going through their credentials and social standing, age or gender. In the garb of maintaining “law and order” they ruthlessly cage “anti-national elements’’ to ensure the smooth sailing of their power mentors.

“This is very unfortunate & disgusting that after arresting, district administration gives them incomplete and deficient documents and when the relatives & family members approach judiciary, they are bluntly refused to be entertained, on the plea that the needed documents are not complete, thereby prolonging the already snail’s pace of judicial proceedings and this coordinated ‘conspiracy’ of the bureaucracy has jeopardized & threatened the general psyche of both inmates as well as their families. Geelani said that elderly people have a tough time in these bone chilling cold days in jails, sub-jails and police stations, but deaf and dumb rulers are paralyzed in their own luxuries and have left the helpless people at the mercy of ‘highly qualified’ bureaucratic hatchery who suck even their last drop of blood.”

The Hurriyat patriarch said that after the “barbarism and vandalism” of police and forces, this executive class punishes us with the sophisticated & acknowledged manures.

“We are receiving disturbing reports from the judicial houses where, the cases of these detainees are in final stage and near the completion of the three months and authorities smell the quashment of their PSA’s and detainees are about to free from a smaller to bigger jail, at that crucial time government prosecutor with all his elite qualifications, mortgaging his worth, mind and soul, just for petty salary, submits a fresh dossier of PSA to appease his masters. Doing so he brings the case of this hapless detinue to level zero and they have to start the whole processes a fresh, putting both the detinues and their families in severe psychological and financial stress and most of them are at the verge of mental breakdown many a times.”

Geelani further said that hunting of political workers, raiding the houses of their relatives and friends and arresting son for father, policy of the administration still continues and those supposed to uphold the rules and regulations are themselves crushing them under their mighty power and authority.

He said that district president of Tehreek-e-Hurriyat Baramulla Ab Gani Bhat’s almost all relatives are being raided. His son-in law Ab Lateef Bhat has been arrested from Umerabad and residence of his father in law has been ransacked and inmates harassed.

Geelani said that those on the path of their right mission can never be cowed down by such mischievous acts; rather these cowardice actions strengthen their resolve to fight the oppressor and its aggression with more zeal and zest.


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