Geelani extends greetings to Pakistan for being elected to UNHRC


Octogenarian Hurriyat patriarch Syed Ali Geelani on Wednesday extended greetings to Pakistan for being elected as member to UNHRC and said that despite strong opposition from America and India, rest of the 151 countries expressed their faith and their confidence in Pakistan.

“It is encouraging. However, Pakistan has to share great responsibilities to restore human values, highlight and focus its attention on human rights violations, wherever they occur in the world,” Geelani said in a statement.

He said, “We belong to a religion, which lays stress that ‘saving one life is as if saving entire humanity’.”

“Taking inspiration from this, Pakistan and other human rights activists and member countries should take practical measures to save all victimised humans and communities,” he said.

Geelani said that without taking into consideration the position, power and might of “oppressor”, we should come with facts and wherever human societies are oppressed, we should lend our support, irrespective of their colour, race, caste and nationality.

He said, “we hope that keeping in view the due responsibilities, Pakistan will consider and do its best to raise voice for voiceless and for the communities deprived of basic human rights and added that we are sure that Pakistan will play an important role in highlighting the human rights violations subsequent out of ongoing appalling situations in Jammu and Kashmir.”


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