Geelani Pays Tributes to Shopian Slain Militants

KL Report


While paying glorious tributes to slain militants of Shopian Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani Saturday said that due to the “rigidity and stubbornness of India with regarding to the Kashmir, the precious human lives in Jammu & Kashmir are at high risk and the uncertain political situation and instability of this region is increasing by each passing day.”

In a statement he said, “These brave-hearts of our soil are sacrificing their precious and pious lives for the better future of the nation and the best way to pay tributes to them is to safeguard the mission in every possible way for which these highly educated and our beloved youths are sacrificing their present.”

“On the Indian visit of American president Barrack Obama, a false notion of the possible attacks is being raised under a well organized plan and as far as the statements of the Indian ministry of defense are concerned, it looks that they are planning any big mishap in the coming days. While reminding the Indian visit of the former president of America Bill Clinton at that time dozens of Sikhs of Chattisinghpora were brutally killed by the Indian army and it looks that to mislead the world community, the attempts will be made to repeat the history. Geelani sahib said that on the one hand the top army and state police officials are claiming to have the full control over the armed struggle of Kashmir and are negating any big attack from the Mujahideens but on the other hand as the days of the American president Baraka Obama’s visit are nearing, a deception is being bumped-up about the possible attack on the Schools, religious places and cities and towns and high alert has been sounded in the entire region,” he alleged.

The Hurriyat (G) chairman said that in this perspective and circumstances the “Shopian gunfight also looks doubtful and it also raises many questions.” “Local people of Sopore also raised doubts over the Sopore gunfight in which a youth was killed. Kashmiri nation is naturally a peace loving nation but it is the rigid and stubborn approach of the Indian government that is costing the precious human lives of the people of Jammu & Kashmir and which is further worsening the uncertain political situation of the state. The authorities in New Delhi are not ready to accept the live and apparent realities regarding the Kashmir dispute. They want to continue their illegal and forced occupation of Jammu & Kashmir in any way and for this they can go to any extent,” he said.

Geelani expressed his heartfelt sympathy with the families of the martyred youths of the Shopian gunfight and said that they can really be proud upon their children who in these difficult situations offer their pious lives for the betterment of their nation and after coming out of colleges and universities, instead of find jobs they dedicate themselves to a great mission. He said that the great nations doesn’t forget the precious sacrifices of their brave-hearts and a better way of paying tributes to them is to safeguard their mission and take it to the logical conclusion.


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