Geelanis Still Indecisive Over Using Passport



Hurriyat (g) chairman, Syed Ali Geelani along with his son and wife are still indecisive whether to use India’s passport or not.

Earlier Geelani had applied for passport to pay a visit to his ailing daughter, Farhat, in Saudi Arabia, “who is now improving and may visit the valley herself along with her children”. This might stop Geelani and his family members to use passport—which triggered raging reactions in and outside the state.

However, Geelani’s son, Naseem Geelani told Kashmir Life that they haven’t yet taken final call on their scheduled visit. “Yes, my sister is recuperating,” he said. “But that is not the reason for us, as of now, to call off our visit.” He said he is waiting for his and his mother’s passport, still under process. “Hopefully we will take a final call after our (he and his mother’s) passports will be cleared,” Naseem said.

Lately Geelani’s passport issue made it to front pages and prime time TV shows with many arguing that Hurriyat (g) chairman shouldn’t be given a passport as he doesn’t consider himself an Indian, the condition mandatory to avail passport. Many representing mainstream politics advocated that Geelani should be given a passport on humanitarian grounds. After twists and turns, Geelani’s passport was issued yesterday.


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