Gen Prakash can forget the history but not Kashmiris: Eng Rasheed


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Reacting sharply to Gen Lt Gen Om Prakash GOC 15 Corps advice to Kashmiris to forget the past, MLA Langate Er Rasheed has termed it as adding the salt to their injuries.

Addressing Public meetings at Zangeer Sopore and Taratpora Handwara, MLA Langate reminded Gen Prakash that had it been so easy then India would have forgotten the tragic loss of 160 lives killed in 26/11 terrorist attack and forgiven Ajmal Kasab. Er Rasheed said that who knows better than Gen Prakash that there are dozens of Ajmal Kasabs who are roaming in Kashmir and have got promotion and awards for killing innocents.

“If people and the state of India cannot forget their national heroes like Raj Guru, Sukhdev & Bhagat Singh, how come Kashmiris can forget one lakh people who lost their lives for the resolution of Kashmir issue,” asked Rasheed adding Kashmiris can never forget the sacrifices neither they can forget Kunan Poshpora, Pathribal, Machil, Nadihal, Chattisinghpora and other countless incidents which are now part of history.

 MLA Langate also said even if people like Gen Prakash can forget the history but history cannot forget them.

Rasheed said, “Even if we assume Gen Prakash’s statement that those who encourage stone pelting and violence but had never taken a stone in their hands, to be true then the same yard stick should apply to the General’s and those ruling the state who get people like Ashiq Hussain Rather and other innocents killed at the hands of innocent soldiers who are here just to earn livelihood for their families”.

MLA Langate said that Kashmiris do understand importance and need of peace more than anybody because they are the worst sufferers of violence but peace without justice is impossible and as such there is no question that anybody can exploit Kashmiri youth who are mature enough to decide what to do and what not.

MLA Langate asked Gen Prakash that it will be encouraging and genuine if Gen Prakash will give the same advice to those who need it very badly and rule Kashmiris at the barrel of the gun on the behest of their arrogant masters in New-Delhi, reads the party statement.


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