Give me peace, will give you jobs: Mehbooba

SRINAGAR: Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti, while addressing party youth for first time after turbulent unrest in Kashmir, called for peace, stating it was prerequisite for extra employment policies, today on Tuesday.

“Give me peace I will appoint you in tourism, PHE, Irrigation (departments),” Ms Mufti said in her address at her official residence at Gupkar here in Srinagar.

Stating that she is shredded to see youth holding stones in their hands Ms Mufti said that these youth were protecting me earlier.

“I know you from before,” she said addressing to the youth. “Today, there are many bodyguards standing around me, but you were creating protection cover around me holding each others hands during my visit to  villages, far-flung areas. What is throbbing to see today that those youngsters, who would walk on my right and left, become my shield and PSO, are now holding stones in their hands,” she addressed.

Calling for peace initiatives from the youth she said that , she will ask Prime Minister to address the issues.

While referring to the recently recruited SPO’s she said that they will be inducted in tourism department or Traffic police and to keep them away them from guns.

Stressing those local militants should shed their arms and return back she stated that efforts are being made for their return.

“In meeting of unified command I directed the officials that local militants against whom there are no charges should be brought back and efforts need to be taken for it,” she said.

Ms Mufti told the youth that about two dozen youth who had become militants have shed arms in last couple of months. Stating her happiness on this count, she said: “I will not say they have surrendered but let me say they returned to their home back, because for me they are family members and if they have decided to shed weapons it is moment of rejuvenation.”

“In Kashmir only graveyards have flourished,” she said.

Stressing for change, she said “I want to build parks and garden that would generate employment opportunity.”

Meanwhile an official spokesman here said that Ms Mufti asked youth to support the Government in realizing its political and developmental agenda. She said the alliance in Jammu & Kashmir was stitched solely for the welfare of youth and getting the State out of its difficulties.

Mehbooba Mufti asked youth to play a positive role by helping in maintaining peace in the State so that her Government is able to pursue the agenda of development and discourse in the State. She regretted that the dialogue process in the State got stuck during the last decade or so and youth of the State had to pay a heavy price for this political drought.

The Chief Minister asked youth to factor in their role in this whole canvas by ensuring peace and harmony in the State. This, she said, automatically results in creating a congenial atmosphere of friendship between the two countries as the situation in Jammu & Kashmir has a direct bearing on the relations between the two neighbouring countries. Peace in the State alone can ensure that political process takes off and more opportunities of employment for the youth are created, she said.

The Chief Minister said it was satisfying to see Prime Minister, Narendra Modi taking up the threads to reach out to Pakistan by first inviting its Prime Minister to his swearing in and later visiting the country in December, 2015 though it could not be done during the decade long rule of the previous regime in New Delhi. She said though the effort hasn’t yet delivered the ultimate results due to some unfortunate developments following immediately, but she said she is hopeful that we would be able to embark on a path of reconciliation and friendship which is in the ultimate interests of people of both the countries.

Mehbooba Mufti asked the youth to get themselves associated with the decision making process in the State and join the forthcoming Panchayat elections in good numbers. She said Government would review the cases of the youth who were not seriously involved in any anti-social activity and also the families of the affected youth would also be given proper rehabilitation.

Terming unemployment as a major challenge of present times, Mehbooba Mufti said her Government is exploring possibilities of increasing employment opportunities for youth in the State by inviting investors, developing tourism and horticulture. She said she is convinced about the talent and abilities of youth of the State which she said needs opportunity to be recognized and honed.


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