A family from Brein Nishat Thursday alleged that some employees at SK Institute of Medical Science Soura stole a golden bangle from a dead woman in Emergency Ward.

“My mother Hafeeza suffered a heart attack and we shifted her to SKIMS where she was taken to emergency ward for ECG. She breathed her last in the emergency ward but we were shocked to see that a golden bangle was removed from her left arm. It took doctors only five minutes to declare her dead and in those five minutes who stole the golden bangle from my dead mother is the question that will haunt me forever. It is not the question of golden bangle but it is an issue related to society and this incident proved that how dirty elements even don’t spare a dead,” Hilal Ahmed Langoo a resident of Brein Nishat told CNS.

He said that incident occurred on the morning of February 2. “When we brought the issue into the notice of SKIMS authorities they said due to non-availability of CCTV camera in the ward, they can’t trace the culprits,” he said.

Habibullah the brother of the deceased woman said that they are from a well-to-do family and a golden bangle is an immaterial thing for them. “We wanted to highlight the issue in the interest of general public. A policeman returned huge amount back to a tourist in Srinagar Airport on Wednesday. That was appreciable but what happened to us in Valley’s premier hospital is condemnable,” he said.


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