Governance has become a virtual causality in the state: Tarigami

Srinagar: Stating that PDP-BJP alliance government has disappointed the people and governance has become a virtual casualty, CPI (M) senior leader and MLA Kulgam Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami on Wednesday said that developmental and livelihood issues have taken a back seat in the state.

In a statement, Tarigami said, “Corruption is at its peak, electricity is erratic, unemployment is rampant, people are facing acute shortage of essential commodities, health care system is virtually defunct in rural areas.   casual, daily wagers and other temporary employees are without wages for months, artisans and small businessmen are facing huge crisis and the peasants and orchardists are in acute distress, but the government is least bothered about these important issues.  The PDP-BJP leaders are busy only in delivering sermons and repeating ofrepeated hallow claims.  However, the fact remains that developmental activities are almost invisible.  No concrete measures are taken to address the issues of livelihood.

“Unemployment is a huge challenge for the state and this problem contributes to the political uncertainty and unrest. Instead of taking concrete steps to provide means of livelihood to people, the present government has neglected it completely.  The regularization of 61000 casual workers and the implementation of 7th Pay Commission have been put on back burner,” he said and added that in the last two years the PDP and the BJP have been creating controversy after controversy over trivial issues to divert the attention of people from the basic issues.  Such an approach only leads to polarize the situation further.

While expressing concern over Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) reported ‘assessment’ report on Kashmir he said, “Government of India (GoI) should have learnt some lessons from last year’s unrest and taken some confidence building measures (CBMs). But instead they are reported to be considering such steps which only can aggravate the situation further.”

“The reported MHA directive can only disappoint the people further. New Delhi should introspect and start immediate corrective steps and instead of resorting to hawkish measures initiate a credible process of dialogue with all stakeholders. Confrontation is not a remedy of the problem but confidence building measures are,” the CPI (M) leader suggested.


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