Govt Admits Nexus Between Doctors-Pharmaceutical Companies

KL Report


At the time when the High Court has sought the government’s response against the doctors allegedly accepting gifts and monetary benefits from pharmaceutical companies, the government on Saturday admitted that some doctors are involved in getting benefits from the Pharmaceutical companies.

“This is true that some doctors are involved in this activity. Though maximum medicines are available in the hospitals but the doctors doing private practice prescribe the medicines of particular companies to get the monetary benefits,” Taj Mohi-ud-Din the Minister for Medical Education told a local news agency, KNS.

“Such doctors do not have any conscience and get easily involved. Despite the fact that the government warned these doctors time and again but they don’t stop indulging in this kind of malpractice. Now the government has decided to be tough against these erring doctors and more over the medicines will be subjected to a thorough testing,” he said.

Stating that the government does not have any problem if the companies produce quality medicine, Taj said that the production of substandard medicine by any company will not be tolerated. “The doctors should also exhibit their responsibility by prescribing only the genuine medicine to the suffering patients, “he added.

When asked why the private practice is not completely banned till now he said, “HOD’s have already been instructed to carry out the private practice in the Hospitals. However we are waiting for the Supreme Court decision, as soon as some decision comes from the Supreme Court the private practice will be completely banned and uprooted,” he said.

 Replying to a query, whether the government is likely to take action against the Medical representatives who motivate doctors to prescribe particular medicines Taj said, “The job of medical representatives is to aware the doctors about the new medicine of their companies. So blaming them is unfair, but the matter of the concern is the doctors who blindly just for the sake of some benefits play with the life of Innocent patients.”

Meanwhile reliable sources told KNS that a close nexus is going on between some doctors and few lesser known pharmaceutical companies.

“A drug mafia is running in the hospitals to fleece patients. Some doctors are helping these companies to flourish and get the due share for that,” sources said

 “The names of these pharmaceutical companies don’t even exist in the list of reputed companies that produce quality medicines,” sources said.


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