Govt amends GP Fund rules


The Government on Thursday ordered the amendment of GP Fund Rules to incorporate more heads for non-refundable withdrawal by the employees.

According to a notification issued by the Principal Secretary, Finance, Navin K Choudhary, one-time GP Fund withdrawal shall now also include expenditure on account of training of Technical Nature/Higher Studies of the children within and outside the State and expenditure on account of pilgrimage within and outside the country, which by religion of the subscriber is obligatory upon himself/herself or a member of his family.

Earlier, such withdrawal was only allowed for building or acquiring house for his/her residence including the cost of the site including the cost of the site or reconstructing or making additions or alterations or repairs to a house owned or acquired by a subscriber repaying and outstanding amount on account of loan including the loans under Government Housing Schemes and for marriage of a son or daughter of the subscriber or any other female relation dependent on him/her.


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