Govt can’t be blamed for everything, people should self introspect: Mirwaiz

KL Report


After the recent BOPEE paper leakage scandal got unearthed in the state, Chairman Huriyat Conference (M) Mirwaiz Umar Farooq said that the people of Kashmir are equally responsible for growing corruption and moral degradation and that the government cannot be blamed here for everything.

Mirwaiz while talking to Kashmir News Service (KNS) said: “We cannot blame the government for everything, though the government has failed to deliver here but the people cannot be bailed out at Present. The social and the moral degradation is on the rise and we have to introspect during the present crises.”

Mirwaiz further stated that the people here lack the sense of social responsibility and are spinning the lines for themselves only. “We see the apathy of Dal Lake, we witness the mosques are being constructed over grave yards, encroachment of the public roads.” Mirwaiz said that the sense of responsibility must be evolved among the masses here and that we all have to look inward.

Castigating the state government over the rising corruption here, Mirwaiz said that the authorities here take everything with the non-serious attitude and that the outcome of the same is proving disastrous. “It is very unfortunate that the state machinery here has failed completely to deliver on the ground and that the scarcity of accountability has prevailed in the valley.”

Mirwaiz further stated that Kashmir due to the conflict zone is being ignored on all fronts and that the rule of the law and the principles of justice are always being undermined and taken with the non-serious attitude.

Commenting over the recent statement of Pakistan Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif that the Indo-Pak talks could be held in the in the proper directions only after polls in India, Chairman Huriyat (M) chairman said that the Huriyat leadership here is optimistic that the new government in Delhi will have thaw with the Pakistan and that the Indo-Pak talks will be held in the better atmosphere.

Mirwaiz further stated that the Young leadership in India must realize the vitality of Kashmir resolution and would play the active part in it. “We hope that whether it is BJP or the UPA , the next government in India will understand that the Kashmir issue  is must to resolve so that there would be better relations between India and Pakistan.” Mirwaiz further stated that unless Kashmir issue is resolved, there will never be good relations between the two countries.


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