Hurriyat Should Rise Above Ego, Inhibitions And Unite: UJC

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Calling for a complete election boycott in Jammu and Kashmir, United Jihad Council (UJC) Chief Syed Sallah-u-Din Sunday said participation in polls is cashed on by India as an endorsement of accession with its dominion at the international level. The UJC chief also said that his amalgam of militant outfits has no physical connection with Taliban and those who say Taliban are present in Kashmir are spreading a negative propaganda aimed at damaging the freedom movement in Kashmir.

In an exclusive interview carried by Kashmir News Service (KNS), the UJC chief claimed that if separatist leadership approaches people in one voice, there will be 100 per cent poll boycott in the state.

“India’s diplomatic missions, successive foreign ministers and its leadership has always cashed on the elections being held in Jammu and Kashmir. I appeal the Hurriyat leadership to give poll boycott call in one voice. I am of the firm belief that if they (Geelani Sahib, Mirwaiz Sahib, Shabir Shah Sahib and Yasin Malik Sahib) rise above their personal grudges, ego and inhibitions and reach out to people jointly at least on this one issue, there will be 100 per cent poll boycott,” the UJC chief told KNS.  

He said the UJC is trying its best to unite the divided separatist leadership in Kashmir.  “If they fail to unite they will be accountable before God and the court of people. Besides there is likelihood of our huge sacrifices may go in vain but the onus will lie on our separatist leadership.”

He observed that in order to nullify Indian claims made on the participation in elections held in Jammu and Kashmir, and to prove it wrong, the people of Jammu and Kashmir should at least to go for 100 per cent boycott of the polls at least once to make it clear to the world community that they don’t want to remain with India.

Sallah-u-Din remarked that participation in elections in Jammu and Kashmir means cheating with the sacrifices of five lakh martyrs and women who were molested. “The participation in polls, means being disloyal to the freedom struggle, which according to me is an unforgivable sin.”

The UJC chief blamed separatist leadership for creating confusion among people as according to him some Hurriyat leaders ask people to go for complete poll boycott and some tell them that elections are a non issue and cannot undermine the importance of the Kashmir issue. “To clear this confusion among people, I appeal the Hurriyat leadership to unite and approach people to convince them with solid arguments that how participation in polls cause a huge damage to the Kashmir’s freedom movement.”

When asked that a section of people believe that if there would have been no rigging in elections of 1987, Syed Sallah-u-Din would have been in the legislative assembly as one of its members, he said: “It was Farooq Abdullah who used his all the state machinery supporting the then divisional commissioner and the then IGP Kashmir who shamelessly rigged the elections. I was arrested from the counting hall. This is another black chapter of Indian democracy. I had contested to bring my work before people and to educate them. But let me tell you that I would start my election rally with the pro freedom lyrics ‘Ae marde Mujahid Jaag Zara waqte shahdat hai aya’. The then government had registered a case against me for these pro freedom songs.”

Sallah-u-Din said those members of State Legislative Assembly who advocate dialogue between India and the UJC chief are never and in no way his representatives.  “Any person who is the constituent of Indian system can never be our representative. For talks we have a Hurriyat leadership. But whenever we are needed to facilitate this process I think there should be no inhibition in that provided that the Indian intention is clear and not aimed at diffusing the intensity of the movement. The biggest thing is to restore confidence among people. India has always resorted to breach of confidence and trust.”

He said the UJC supports a time bound, meaningful and Kashmir centric dialogue. In a subtle message to a section of separatist leadership, Sallah-u-Din said that they should not show any haste in talking to New Delhi as according to him India has never been serious in its approach to resolve Kashmir issue.

“It is crystal clear that India wants to engage separatists in dialogue without any agreement on ground and historical position of Kashmir. This also reflects the sinister designs of Indian imperialism in Jammu and Kashmir. Why to take part in dialogue when India has no regard for United Nations resolutions adopted on Kashmir, the international status of this dispute, its ground and historical position. So we want to appeal Pakistani leadership as well as the Hurriyat leadership that we are not in hurry and if India is sincere in normalizing the relations, the dialogue must be Kashmir centric. And those who believe through bilateral or trilateral talks there should be some forward movement is an inglorious surrender,” the UJC chief told KNS.

The UJC chief said that withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan is the most positive sign and the glamour of withdrawal of NATO forces from Afghanistan will have its effects.  “But I agree with Geelani sahib that as the whole Muslim world supports our movement, Afghanistan’s political and diplomatic support will be a bonus for us. We don’t want Taliban to come to Kashmir and they are needed in Afghanistan the most. We don’t have any physical link with Taliban.”


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