Govt Crying Hoarse over Economic, Social Empowerment of Kashmiris, says Mirwaiz




Demanding immediate scrapping of the “anti-Kashmir” New Industrial Policy, Hurriyat Conference (m) Chairperson, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Tuesday said that now with the government’s statement, the cat is out of the bag, and it is clear that all the state governments right from 1947 had only been crying hoarse over the economic and social empowerment of Kashmiris.

Stressing that instead of helping local traders and unemployed youth in getting employment opportunities, Mirwaiz said it was unfortunate that in the name of setting up industrial units, non-local businessmen are not only allotted land but also provided large capital over which they manage to get subsidy and then rent out this land to Indian forces.

Pointing out that such an industrial policy had failed in the past, Mirwaiz said expecting to have better results from it in future too cannot be expected. “Instead of making an industrial policy that would help the local entrepreneurs set up industrial units and provide opportunity to the unemployed youth thus helping lift the poor and the destitute, he said the ruling class in the state was once again experimenting to implement the already failed policies and playing with the future of local entrepreneurs and unemployed youth.”

Calling for roll back of the New Industrial Policy, Mirwaiz said the state government was busy framing “anti-Kashmir policies” for disempowering people and making them economically dependent.

Condemning the arrest of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front Chairman, Muhammad Yasin Malik and his detention at Central Jail Srinagar, the arrests and house arrests of various resistance leaders, he said the state government was “frustrated and trespassing all democratic and human rights of the people”.

While delivering Waiz-o-Tableeg on the “Ten days of Forgiveness” of the holy month of Ramzan at the famous Bazaar Masjid at Bohri Kadal area of Shehar-e-Khas, Mirwaiz said besides benefitting from the various blessings of Ramadan including the revelation of the holy Quran and fasting for physical and spiritual cleansing, one also needed to stay away from the sins committed by hands, tongue, eyes etc.

He said a person, who by fasting, tries to stay away from all wrongdoings and sins during Ramadan, should adopt the same way of life throughout the year, which would result in creating a just, pious and a reformed society.


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