Govt Sees Brute Force As Solution To Every Problem: Mehbooba

KL Report


Strongly condemning the police action against the agitating Rehbar-e-Taleem teachers (R-e-Ts), Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) president, Mehbooba Mufti, Friday said language of brute force has become panacea to every problem before the government.

“Instead of listening to their genuine demands, the emancipated section of our society was being mistreated, humiliated and exploited by the present dispensation, she said and added swaggering and use of brute force only complicates the problem,” said Mehbooba.

“For their own luxuries the rulers have no problem of money, but when it comes to timely disbursement of salaries, pensions and arrears to people, they (rulers) start looking for excuses and delaying tactics,” Mehbooba said adding “ sadly, police becomes response to every issue the government faces.”

She said there was total anarchy and administrative collapse prevailing and government has no time to listen to peoples’ grievances.

She said today’s police action, in which scores of teachers were injured and hundreds arrested, shows the frustration and failure of the government. “Intolerant attitude of the rulers was totally uncalled for and unacceptable,” she said.


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