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Cabinet Decision to compensate the families of rape victims and those killed in police custody has drawn flak as both the separatist and mainstream leaders criticized the present government saying that there can be no compensation for life and chastity.

State’s principal opposition party, Peoples Democratic Party’s Spokesperson Naeem Akhtar told CNS that the present ‘insensitive’ government has made atrocities a commodity that could be sold and bought. “Justice is more important than compensation. You cannot rape and kill people keeping in mind that compensation would compensate your crime. Instead of harping on compensation why don’t the government punish culprits and deliver justice,” Akhtar said.

He said that it is the denial of Justice which gives too much pain to people. “Instead of taking measures to book culprits the ‘insensitive government’ are taking such steps and decisions which offend the sentiments of people,” PDP spokesperson said.

Chairman Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front Mohammad Yasin Malik said that the government is trying to institutionalize and legalize the raps and custodial killings. “This Cabinet decision amply proves that government is legalizing the torture, deaths and raps. This country is turning out to be a Fascist country where blood has become cheaper than water,” Malik said.

Senior separatist leader Shabir Ahmed Shah told CNS that it is an irony that government is encouraging police and Army to go for custodial killings and raps inside the four walls of torture camps. “Now the government has fixed a price for a human life. Instead of talking about compensation the government should hang the culprits involved in the killing of innocent persons,” Shah said.

Similar views were expressed by other separatist leaders including National Front Chairman Nayeem Ahmed Khan.

Pertinently,the cabinet, which met Friday under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, accorded sanction to the revision of compensation payable to the victims or their dependents under the Jammu and Kashmir Victim Compensation Scheme-2013.

The revised compensation under the scheme for loss of life would be Rs 2 lakh for death, for torture in police custody Rs 3 lakh, for loss of any limb or part of body resulting in 80 percent disability Rs 2 lakh, loss of limb or part of body resulting in 40 percent and below 80 percent disability Rs 1.5 lakh. Similarly, a victim of rape of minor or rape in police custody shall be paid Rs 3 lakh.


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