Govt’s Decision To Exonerate Dr Javaid Chowdry Is Shocking And Painful: DAK

KL Report


President Doctors association Kashmir (DAK ) Dr Nisar ul Hassan Wednesday said that Dr Javaid Chowdary’s exoneration has sent shock waves across the valley. It has hurt the sentiments of people of Kashmir and they are in a sense of defeat.

“We are surprised to see the report submitted by Commissioner Secretary Information and Technology Department,  who on flimsy grounds has given a clean chit to the doctor and exonerated him from all charges,” DAK said.GB Panth

“It is painful to know the medical education minister’s endorsement of this fabricated and biased report and vowing to re-instate the doctor. The report has been made and fabricated in the cozy office of the babu without knowing the ground situation and without even bothering to visit the pediatric hospital even once, has acted like a judge and given judgment without trial. This one man’s dictatorial report has been done at the behest of some top policy makers of the state. The report is in contradiction to the earlier two reports of the Govt; one headed by Dr. Showkat  Zargar , Director SKIMS and the other house committee report headed by Mr. Ramzan Chowdary who while endorsing the flawed system in hospital indicted the then medical superintendent.”

It is pertinent to mention that thousands of innocent children have died because of defunct health system and fake drug supply.

“Whole Kashmir is up in arms against these neonatal deaths. Those who have lost their loved ones are yelling and chest beating to punish the culprits. Unfortunately rather than punishing the guilty  and exposing the perpetrators of this blood bath, state through their agents are exonerating them , which proves beyond doubt that it is a state sponsored phenomenon,” he said.

DAK accused that this is an attempt to shield the culprits, “we are given to understand that it is a handy work of agencies. By shielding the killers and allowing them to roam free , it is safe to conclude that state is hand in glove with the killers. It is not for the first time that state has acquitted tainted officials and killers. Kashmiris have witnessed such shame enquiries in the past also and their fate as well,” he added,


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