Gujjars seek special economic survey

SRINAGAR: Facing hardships due to the migratory way of life, the Gujjars of Jammu and Kashmir are seeking a comprehensive survey on the socio-economic status of nomadic and semi-nomadic tribes living in the state. They also want to be declared a ‘Blow Poverty Line’ population.

Gujjar leaders say a large number of nomadic and semi-nomadic tribes had remained out of the purview of social security schemes launched by Government of India and the state government from time to time due to lack of awareness amongst them. To address these issues, an exclusive socio-economic survey of the nomadic and semi-nomadic community be conducted, they said. They want the members from semi-nomadic Gujjars and Bakerwals community be enrolled to enable them for various benefits under social security schemes and grant of BPL and other mobile cards.

The survey, they say will offer a clear idea about the state of accesses to various services including health, women, child health, malnutrition, immunization, and others ailments. They seek initiatives to tackle the fast-growing problem of TB among nomadic tribes as they use low height houses and share their habitat with their animals.

Besides, the children of the community have “extremely high” drop-out rates.


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