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Reacting to the reported assertion by G. N. Rattanpuri carried by a section of  media,  advisor to the Chief Minister, Mubarak Gul described it as a  sheer ignorance of  Rattanpuri about ground realities.

“If the statement attributed to him is really given by him then it unfortunately reflects the gulf between Rattanpuri and the people of Pulwama who are witness to the substantial development that took place in the district during the last four years along with other parts of the state”, Gul said adding that works on ground itself speak louder and clear for their author.

“Before issuing any statement, had Rattanpuri ascertained the development graph of the district Pulwama, he would have never uttered such words if he has at all spoken these”, Mubarak Gul maintained.

Substantiating his statement with figures, Gul said, “the district plan which was fixed at Rs. 52.64 crores in 2009-10 was enhanced to Rs. 61 crore besides the additionality of about Rs. 6 crores approved by the Chief Minister for augmenting the plan allocation. He said the district plan of Rs. 63.68 in 2010-11 was upgraded by additionality of Rs. 6.27 crore sanctioned by the Chief Minister. He said the district plan for 2011-12 was fixed at Rs. 72.84 crores and additionality of about Rs. 2 crores was also approved by the Chief Minister. He said the current year’s district plan for Pulwama district has been fixed at highest ever Rs. 76.50 crores which shows the keen interest of the Omar-led coalition government towards equitable development of all areas of the state including Pulwama district.”

Giving details, he said during last four years Rs. 118.82 crores have been spent in Pulwama district in R&B alone. “Over 485 kilometres of roads have been black topped and macadamized in the district besides bringing 623 kilometre long roads under WBM status. As many as 59 bridges and culverts have been constructed in the district during last four years,” said Gul.

Talking about the schemes, Gul said 70 schemes are under execution under NABARD in Pulwama district at a cost of Rs. 178.82 crores to construct roads, upgrade and macadamized existing ones and bring many to WBM status. “84 new primary schools have been opened in the district besides upgrading 93 primary schools to upper primary level and 15 middle schools to high school level. As many as 354 ReTs have been engaged in the district while 169 primary school buildings, 32 middle schools and 226 additional class rooms have been constructed,” he added.

He said that three block resource centres have been completed besides constructing 13 cluster resource centres. Besides 8 multipurpose science labs and 12 sanitation blocks at a cost of Rs. 147 lakhs are being executed and 5 KGBVS have been established.

“23 PHE schemes have been completed out of the 90 schemes under execution in the district besides drilling 427 hand pumps,” and added that as many as 378 hand pumps are being completed during the year while 25 production wells have been drilled during the three years.”

Terming health sector as priority of Omar Abdullah, Gul said, “three Sub-District Hospital at Tral, Rajpora and Pampore are under execution while SDH Rajpora and Tral will be commissioned next year and IDP and Emergency blocks of district hospital Pulwama are under fast track completion.”

He said that 0ver 370 works have been completed under MGNREGA in the district generating 361570 mandays of work for people during 2009-10 while it stood at 1052 works and 484358 mandays in 2010-11 and 2762 works and 705729 mandays in 2011-12. During this year 932 works have been completed generating 384000 mandays by November end.
Gul said that in Power development sector more than Rs. 251 lakhs have been incurred during the current year so far. He said 1111 DTS have been repaired and reinstalled, 6 LT improvement schemes completed, 9 schemes of providing 100 KVA transformers also completed in addition to the shifting of 11 KV line of Koil feeder.

The advisor to the Chief Minister said that Rs. 372 crores Saffron Mission are the amelioration of the lot of saffron growers and creation of jobs is under implementation in Pulwama District. “The Mission which was started in 2010-11 will be completed in four years. 1236 hectares have been rejuvenated under the mission in the district besides digging 72 bore wells to provide sprinkler irrigation to saffron fields,” said Gul.

He also mentioned the assistance provided by the government to the Awantipora Islamic University for its strengthening and growth.

Advising his party colleague, Gul said, “Mr. Rattanpuri  should get a copy of complete list of works executed in the district during the last four years and the substantial achievements registered from him for ready reference and information.”

Calling it a publicity stunt, Gul described the statement attributed to Rattanpuri a typical tactics of getting oneself in media focus, “false hype whether from a friend or detractor cannot dim the sheen of truth,”: he said.

He advised Rattanpuri to desist from gaining cheap publicity by issuing childish statements which hold no water. “You should not try to hunt with hound and run with hare”, he told Rattanpuri asking him to work for public good remaining available to the people for redressing their grievances. “You are newcomer in politics and NC reposed faith in you that you will prove to be a real friend of people by your hard work on ground. Don’t make us repent for our decision”, he added.


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